Monday, 20 January 2014


Over the weekend I saw Lily create this little beauty tag which I thought might be fun to try out.
It's all about the beauty trends you urge to try, which is quite easy for me as I am constantly trolling through image sharing sites looking for inspiration (it's one of my favourite hobbies!). Quite often though I'll see something I love the look of but can't quite bring myself to try out personally, and that's exactly what this tag is about! Here they are...

This is something that I really am on the borderline of trying at some point this year. I just think hair chalks look so cool! The idea of being able to add some colour to your hair really excites me as it's something a little different. And the fact they're wash in, wash out is seriously tempting…

OK, this isn't as out there as I'm sure some people would imagine. It's actually a trend that's become quite mainstream recently and can actually be quite wearable. I have dabbled in it a little (more to come on that soon) but I have to say, I've never wholly embraced the whole deep, berry purple lip. It's never really suited me at all. I envy those of you who can pull off MAC's Rebel without a bat of an eyelid. I just wish I was brave enough to wear it anyway and stick two fingers up to anyone who questioned me!

This is something that is a constant battle for me. I do not have natural nails. I have tried time and time again to grow them, however years of acrylic abuse has meant they are weaker than weak. Which means it is a damn right pain to grow them as they just split and break off all the time! However, one of my resolutions is to wean myself off the acrylics, grow my nails to a substantial length and have a gel manicure. Mark my words, this WILL be the year my natural nails come out to play…

What are your biggest beauty urges?


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